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Countries & Business Partners


Business Partner  

Argentina  Alphaprint
Australia  Buhrs BV
Austria  Buhrs Packaging Solutions GmbH
Belgium & Luxembourg  Buhrs BV
Brazil  Buhrs BV
Bulgaria  Buhrs BV
Canada  Insource
Chile  Buhrs BV
China  Shanghai Eusystec Co. Ltd.
Columbia  Buhrs BV
Croatia  Eurokod
Czech Republic  Trade-Impex
Denmark  Neopost Denmark
Egypt  Texti
Finland  Neopost Finland
France  BC2S
Germany Buhrs Packaging Solutions GmbH
Greece  Linomedia
Hungary  Buhrs BV
India  Capital Graphic Supplies
Indonesia  Buhrs BV
Israel  Levit Printing Supplies
Italy  Buhrs BV
Japan  Buhrs Japan
Kuwait  Buhrs BV
Laos  Buhrs BV
Malaysia  Buhrs BV
Mexico  ttem
New Zealand  Buhrs BV
Norway  Grafitec
Philippines  Buhrs BV
Poland  EMIS
Portugal  Litoflex
Puerto Rico  Buhrs BV
Romania  Primatehnic Service
Saudi Arabia  ADA International
Singapore  Buhrs BV
Slovakia  Buhrs BV
South Africa  Ipex Machinery
  Mailing & Mechanisation
South Korea  Heidelberg
Sri Lanka  Buhrs BV
Sweden  Neopost Sweden
Switzerland  Buhrs Packaging Solutions GmbH
Taiwan  Ekpac Trading
Thailand  Creation Machinery Corporation
The Netherlands Buhrs BV
Turkey  Tempo Makina Pazarlama A.S.
UAE  ADA International
United Kingdom  Friedheim International
Uruguay  Buhrs BV
Vietnam  TecApro