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Buhrs wrapping options


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Type Description  Buhrs
Buhrs AWS AWS is automatic wrapping synchronisation, which is realized by measuring the product length just before wrapping, if required the packaging length will be slightly adjusted to compensate for differences caused by selectivity or misalignment. Result is less diverts and optimal packaging, ergo a higher netto output ! * * *
Buhrs Close and Trim  The newly developed and patented Close and Trim unit allows to process different sizes in one run, sizes can differ in all 3 dimensions. The result is that each product in the run will be wrapped matching the product size, the overlap will be trimmed of and can be collected for recycling. * *
Buhrs AFS AFS is automatic feeder synchronisation, this means that a feeder will synchronize itself automatically intime before it is expected to start feeding. This is esspecially of interest in applications ( like household advertising ) where promotion flyers are required to be included on a postal code zone basis * * *

Buhrs buffer 

The Buhrs Buffer is a feature which can be included in a line, and allows to co-mail wrapped and non-wrapped products. The buffer will create empty slots in the flow wrapped process these can then be filled with non-wrapped products. * *
Buhrs wrap Buhrs wrap is a function in which the wrapping material is pre-stretched and in this state the products are packaged, after sealing the material is returning to it's orginal state, which leads to a nicely tight pack. * * * *
Sleeve wrapping Sleeve wrapping is only using a band of packaging material to save material. In case of poly this is combined with Buhrs wrap. * * * *
Side sealing  Side sealing is a special way of poly wrapping which means that the longtidunual seal is on the edge of the wrapped product, the effect of this is that both sides of the products are clear of any overlapped poly. * *