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Large order from Deutsche Post for Buhrs

Buhrs 4700 Packaging system upgrade with a Paper SleeveWrap Module
Image made by Giuseppe Toppers | Danto

Buhrs has received a major order from Deutsche Post to upgrade packaging systems with a paper sleeve wrapping module for sending of Einkaufaktuell with advertising brochures. "Previously, the same systems were used to package Einkaufaktuell in foil, but they no longer want that in Germany," says general manager Dick Verheij. "Fortunately, existing Buhrs packaging systems can be converted to packaging with a paper sleeve. After thorough internal research, Deutsche Post has decided to upgrade, simply because the condition of the packaging system is still excellent after all these years. That is of course a compliment for the reliability and quality of the packaging solutions from Buhrs. A total of 16 systems will be equipped with a paper sleeve wrapping module and an inkjet head for addressing. The modules are configured in our factory in Zaandam and installed on site in Germany. That means a lot of work, but we like to do it."

About Buhrs

Buhrs celebrates its 114th anniversary this year. What once started in Zaandam as a workshop where ships were repaired and as a forge for the neighborhood, has grown into an international organization, specialized in the development and production of packaging solutions. Buhrs' head office and production company are still located in Zaandam. In addition, Buhrs is also located in Japan. The service to all Buhrs systems worldwide is performed by Buhrs Services & Parts. From the Netherlands, Buhrs focuses with two pillars on international markets for Print & Mail and Food & Beverage.


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