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Paper Sleeve Wrapper

A Buhrs 6000 Paper Sleeve Wrapper for packaging advertising materials will soon be installed at The AdMill Group in Scarborough (Canada). In Canada, these products may no longer be wrapped in poly from January 1, 2026. In anticipation of this, The AdMill Group has already opted for a new Buhrs packaging system.

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100% approved packaging

A Buhrs 3000 paper wrapping system has been put into use at Slovenská Grafia in Bratislava (Slovakia) for packaging manuals for toy building kits. It is important during processing that the manuals and enclosed sticker sheets match 100%, so that each package is guaranteed to contain the correct contents. Only 100% approved packaging will be shipped.

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(from left to right) Herco Koeling en Dick Verheij

Acquisition of Buhrs

Red2Green SME Investments (R2G) has acquired – via subsidiary Inno Packtech – Buhrs Packaging Solutions from owner Dick Verheij. As an investment company, R2G focuses on supporting small and medium-sized businesses. Through the takeover, Inno Packtech managing director Herco Koeling succeeds the previous director, Dick Verheij. The acquisition of Buhrs fits with R2G's strategy, that focuses on supporting growth, innovation and providing continuity to successful Dutch companies.

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At Silber Druck in Lohfelden (Germany), a Buhrs 3000 Paper & Poly Wrapping System was recently installed for, among others, packaging magazines. Silber Druck has consciously opted for a hybrid solution, because the demand for paper wrappers in Germany is increasing. With this Buhrs 3000 configuration it is possible to process postal code sorting. It is also possible to wrap printed matter in foil with a side seal, thus increasing the quality of the packaging.


On the Buhrs You Tube channel there are several videos of Packaging Technology Solutions.